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13 June 2008 @ 02:45 pm
Azureshipping: Daytime Drabbles  
So I'm a little bored, waiting to be picked up from school. Go figure. Next few pieces will be posted as comments.

Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Pairing: Seto Kaiba/Anzu Mazaki (azureshipping)
Genre: general
Rating: G (K)
Prompt: passing notes in class

As she slips the piece of paper into a waiting pair of hands, Seto cannot help but find himself wondering just what is going on. It is quite rare to witness Anzu participating in classroom misconduct after all. And with her looking as innocent as usual (though Seto obviously knows better), said misbehavior must entail something... interesting, if not vaguely. The CEO almost smirks in delight, almost. One would have to contemplate why.

The crumpled note is returned sometime later; the dancer's blonde friend grinning in his seat. Seto frowns then, as if it should bother him (and it doesn't-- really, it doesn't). What they do during History class isn't of any importance. Only, this is something he wants to believe. But does he? The brunette moves his gaze back down to the notebook in front of him, his pen poised as if he isn't already committing the teacher's lecture to memory.

And when Anzu turns to give her friend a short scolding, she catches a particularly icy glare directed her way.

"Mazaki, you're blocking my view."

One can only be left to ponder why Seto would say so, when the girl happens to be sitting beside him.
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Kat Sua ★: azureshipping / a moment awaystarianprincess on January 29th, 2009 11:19 am (UTC)
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: delicious
For the Free-For-All Comment-Fic Challenge.

"It's just chocolate, Kaiba," Anzu frowned, waving the young CEO off whilst popping the tiny cube into her mouth. The dancer would have noticed his heated gaze become a smoldering azure, had she not turned her attention back to the novel sitting against her lap.

After a short drag of appreciative hums and discreet licks, she fixed her eyes on him again... and found that he hadn't even moved an inch. Her brows knitted together, cheeks glowing pink.

"What is your problem?" A stifling silence met her in reply. He continued to stare back.

"You know what? I'm heading home," Anzu sighed, propping herself up and getting off the couch, fully intending to storm out the door. But Kaiba's hand was on her wrist within seconds.

"Mazaki, let me help you with that," he hissed, shoving her down again and leaning in the rest of the way.

Moments later, he sat up and drew a hand through his hair, the ever familiar smirk in place. Anzu, on the other hand, was nestled against the pillows, lips thoroughly abused, hair tousled.

She tilted her head up to throw a glare in his direction. And he had the nerve to lick his lips. It was an irritatingly obvious invitation.