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[Ouran Host Club] Hikaru/Haruhi: I'll Take My Chances

Disclaimer: As much as I would have loved to own them, these characters simply do not belong to me.

TITLE: I'll Take My Chances
FANDOM: Ouran High School Host Club
PAIRINGS: HikaHaru, KyouHaru and hints of other pairings
GENRE: drama/romance
SUMMARY: He waits for her with words he cannot say, and realizes that she can hear them all the same. (1400+ words)
NOTES: Written for ouran_contest, and inspired by The Click Five's I'll Take My Chances.

And only time will tell us if we're gonna make it. There's no way to be sure. But baby, I'll take my chances with you.

There were so many words, just too many words. Yet, for the life of him, Hikaru didn't know what he should say. He sat quietly, gripping her pale hand in his own, darkened eyes occasionally drifting towards Ranka-san who was nodding off on the other side of the bed; the stress, frustration and fear evident in both their faces.

It had been three days already. Three days since the incident, four days since Kyouya had left for Hong Kong, five since Tamaki had gone with his father to India. Hunny and Mori were arriving later that day, all the way from China. Kaoru was having lunch in the cafeteria downstairs.

“What am I supposed to tell them, Haruhi?” He sighed, lowering his gaze.

Her face was still, at peace, so near and so far away at the same time. Her hair was longer than it was when they were in high school, but it had always been just as neatly kept. Now, it was cascading across the white pillow beneath her head; her little pink clips on the bedside table. She looked so disheveled, with the bandages all over her body, dried blood on her cheek. And yet, she was beautiful all the same.

His grip tightened.

“What do you want me to say?” He asked again, willing her to move; just one finger, just one muscle. He stood up, she remained as she was, he bit his lip.

I can't do this without you.


“It's been five days already,” he announced softly, studying the look on Tamaki's face. The color had drained away, the blonde's fists clenched. Kyouya was standing by the doorway, talking to another doctor on the phone. He wasn't fairing any better, his normally cool tone melting away into heated curses and burning arguments.

Ranka-san had gone home for the night; Kaoru had accompanied him, making sure he wouldn't drive into anything or anyone—the okama had protested all the way.

“How- How could this have happened?” The question hung in the air.

Hikaru drew his eyes to the window, feeling weak, helpless.

“She'd been on her way to school, just about ready to cross the street. And she didn't see the truck coming,” Kaoru's voice came from the hallway, his expression almost exactly mirroring his twin's.

Hikaru was glad he'd left out the rest; how they'd both been there, running towards her, calling out her name, the sirens, the blood, the books scattered on the pavement. He was glad his brother hadn't mentioned how they'd seen the whole accident happen before their very eyes; how Haruhi had looked up too late, how she hadn't screamed and had simply stared in those last seconds, as if waiting for it.

But they all knew her better than that. Haruhi hadn't waited for death, of course not. She'd been caught by surprise, too shocked to move. It had been inevitable, as much as he would have fought in protest.

“But... but why? Why to Haruhi?” Tamaki's broken reply met his ears, the King of Hosts already reaching for her hand, his shattered eyes taking in her appearance.

No one could say anything else. And with tears threatening to spill down his cheeks, Hikaru ran out.

Please, open your eyes. Make everything alright again.


“You should go home, get some rest,” Ranka-san prodded gently, his hand on Hikaru's shoulder as the boy replaced the towel on Haruhi's forehead with a new one.

“... I can't,” came his response, his mouth barely moving. The okama drew away then, saying that he would call for a nurse to take care of things. But the redhead didn't hear him.

“Everyone's so worried about you,” he said, smiling bitterly, his fingers tracing the bridge of her nose. “I hope you know what you're doing to us.”

You're cruel, Haruhi. Too cruel.


“Haru-chan is getting thinner,” Hunny pointed out lamely, his Usa-chan lying next to her. Mori grimly nodded and turned to Tamaki, who was sitting at the edge of her bed, looking down at his hands.

Kyouya was sitting in the chair beside them, his glasses on the table, his expression menacing. Hikaru hated how it seemed like they were attending a funeral instead of visiting her. Where had all the hope gone? She didn't need this.

“Hunny-senpai, how about we go downstairs and get you some cake?” Kaoru placed his hand on the shorter boy's arm automatically and then guided him away, a quick look to his brother meaning to soothe. Hikaru allowed himself a small smile in thanks.

It can't possibly get any worse than this.


“Haruhi is Kyouya's fiancée.” Ranka-san's statement halted him as he bent to pick up the fallen spoon. He whirled around in surprise to regard the man, questions whizzing away in his head.

“They didn't want to tell anyone until they were certain of their feelings,” the okama finished, turning away just as quickly, as if he'd been burned.

Hikaru couldn't get his mouth to move. He blinked, closed his eyes, swallowed, opened them again, and then... promptly walked out the door.

Sometimes, I wish I were just dreaming.


As he stood outside the door, it took every breath in him to stay put. He heard the faint whispers, pictured the Shadow King's face, braced himself against the wall. He longed to be next to her, to hear her tell him that it wasn't true—that it was all a lie.

But as he peeked in once more, his resolve fell to the ground, like shredded ribbons hanging off of his fingers, there but out of reach.

“I love you, Haruhi.”

How can I possibly compare to that?


“She- She's waking up! The doctor says she's moving! Kyou-chan was there, too!” Snapping his phone shut, Hikaru turned to his twin and found him smiling right back, relief flooding in them both.

“Thank God,” he breathed, turning the wheel around, driving at an alarming speed, needing to be there. “Thank God.”

Show me your smile. That will be enough.


They all waited outside, even Kyouya who was beyond furious with the doctor. The secret was finally out. Tamaki was trying to distract himself by asking his best friend everything and anything, from plans about the wedding to what color he thought Haruhi would look best in. The dark haired boy seethed at his side.

Hunny was bouncing, Usa-chan flying up and down (in probable joy like his owner). Mori was telling him to calm down, though the stoic boy couldn't keep the smile off his face either. Kaoru was sending a message to Renge, who would probably pass it on to Kasanoda. Ranka-san was pacing down the hall.

And Hikaru, with a sad sort of chuckle, was leaning against the wall; for he could no longer feel his legs.

Your happiness is all I wish for.


It had been five hours, five hours later. The doctor had allowed them in after being grilled by one agitated Ootori. They had all taken their places; Tamaki sitting beside Ranka-san on the right side of the bed, Kyouya on the left, Hunny and Mori by the window, he and Kaoru by the door.

And somehow, they all knew the exact moment when Haruhi opened her eyes.

Tamaki leaned in just as Ranka-san shoved him back to get there first. Hunny began to tear up, while Mori ruffled his hair. Kaoru smiled gently, reaching for his hand. Kyouya's eyes did not stray, not once, since the moment they walked in.

They all held their breaths. One lid and then two, fluttering then slowly sliding up with ease. Her mouth opened, the word caught in her throat. Her hand glided up her stomach and then higher, reaching out. Kyouya held out his own.

And then, she gasped.


All I could hear, the only thing that could save me... was you

Tags: challenge - ouran_contest, fandom - ouran host club, fanfiction - challenge, fanfiction - oneshot, ship - hikaru/haruhi
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