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[Prince of Tennis] SaeRyou Christmas threeshot

Disclaimer: Based on the characters and situations of Konomi Takeshi.

FANDOM: Prince of Tennis
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: SaeRyou (Saeki Koujiro/Kisarazu Ryou) ; with appearances from Atsushi and the Rokkaku ensemble
With a cherry on top: Happy Holidays to lyuna , neitaro  and pinksnow1986. My Saeki characterization evidently still needs some work, but I hope you all enjoy this.

SUMMARY: Saeki wants a girlfriend. Ryou begs to differ. (500+ words)
NOTES: Prompt provided by lyuna .

“I think I want a girlfriend,” Saeki announces one morning; appearing by Ryou's side, an arm upon his shoulders. And the latter makes a face in response, continues to watch as Kentarou serves on the other side of the fence and Kurobane flashes a knowing grin. His arms are crossed and his mouth a thin line.

“Someone like her,” Saeki points as they are sitting in the park later that day. The girl he has directed his gaze at is tall and leggy and blonde and has just too much make-up on. Ryou cannot help snorting.

“I think she's about ten years older than you.”


“Oh, now she's pretty,” Saeki persists; this time eyeing a lady by the swings, a beret perched on her head and her pointy nose buried in a thick book—it looks like an encyclopedia. Ryou examines her, reexamines her, and then turns back to the other boy, grimly shaking his head.

“She'd never pay attention to you.”


“What about her?” Saeki grins, nodding to a girl in their class; her hair in braids and ribbons, her smile as pure as an angel's. She laughs at a joke her friend tells her, Saeki's grin widens. Ryou doesn't even spare her a glance.

“Nope. Already taken.”


“Or her?” Saeki whispers to him while they are supposed to be studying in the library. Ryou writes out the last of his essay, finally looks up, cranes his neck, and blinks in confusion.

“Isn't that your cousin?”

(He has never seen his friend blush that red before.)


“Or her?” Saeki sighs, his back slouched as they walk home; the sun setting in the background. Ryou pats him on the head, chuckling and obviously taking delight in his misery.

“That one's been stalking you for months, silly. There's no telling what she'd do.”

A moment of silence and then, “I know.”

For that one second, Ryou wonders if he's been too harsh. After all, he shakes his head, he does have a reason but it's just too cheesy and he would rather not have to admit so.


The next day, Saeki strides towards him, a look of triumph on his face. Ryou acts like he doesn't notice, checks the strings of his racket, a forced yawn coming from his mouth. It takes a few minutes for him to finally gaze at his friend and by then Saeki's mouth is drawn up even further like he knows a secret no one else does.

“Have you... found a girlfriend?” Ryou asks, feigning a lack of interest. The grip on his racket tightens.

“Well, yes, sort of at least.” His friend replies, flashing him a victory sign.

Ryou would have wanted to ask who it was, but seeing Saeki so pleased with himself gives his stomach an odd lurch; he might just throw up.

Saeki tells him anyway. “Very pretty, will give me all the attention I want, just my age, not a relative, and is reportedly available.”

Before Ryou can react, a pair of hands grasps him by the shoulders and prompts him to properly face the boy beside him. His eyes widen.

“So, what do you think?” And it's so cheesy, so cliché that Ryou unconsciously reaches for the nearest book, slamming it down on Saeki's head.

While the boy is doubled over and nursing his bump though, Ryou embarrassedly finds himself agreeing.


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