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Drabble/Fic Meme Pimping!

Multi-fandom Drabble Tag from penombrelilas 
- any fandom, any pairing
- pick a prompt, answer it, and then leave your own at the end of your post.
~ I would like to see more TeniPuri and KHR here.

Free-For-All Comment-Fic Challenge from an_ardent_rain 
- any fandom, any pairing
- comment with your prompt/s and then answer prompts yourself (there are some labeled 'Writer's Choice').
- prompting ends on the 25th
~ an_ardent_rain has expressed a desire to see more YGO prompts and fic (especially Seto/Anzu or azureshipping).

Prince of Tennis Kink Meme 3.0 from bloody_pickle at godsaneurysm 
- only for the PoT fandom, any pairing and kinks (see the almighty list for ideas)
- comment with your prompt/s and then answer some yourself.
- fic and art are accepted
~ bloody_pickle requests that more people start answering requests before making their own.

*le sigh* Still working on requests myself. Slowly but surely? <3

Tags: fandom - prince of tennis, fanfiction - challenge, fanfiction - update, topic - animanga
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