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[KHReborn] Gokudera/Tsuna, Mukuro/Tsuna: Push & Pull

TITLE: Push & Pull
FANDOM: Reborn!
CHARACTERS: Gokudera/Tsuna/Mukuro
SUMMARY: They've a relationship unlike any other. (600+ words)
NOTES: Inspired by khr_drabble's theme, "hypogeal".

Not for a minute does Gokudera not consider the possibility that he might be found out, spying on his Boss as he is. In fact, he's followed the same routine for the past weeks, he figures Tsuna has probably already taken note of his hiding place and if not, at least senses his presence. (Tsuna can always tell after all.) The clearing is so peaceful, any kind of stir would signal something out of place.

Gokudera, however, stops his mind from wandering as he hears the sound of clashing, metal against metal. It vibrates through everything, teasing him by the ear, beckoning him. Come and see, it whispers, flits across his cheek. His jaw tightens.

Behind the shrubbery, in a vast clearing framed by rows of purple flowers, is his Boss - flying around in all his burning glory - avoiding an attack from none other than the Mist Guardian.

Long ago, Gokudera had come to accept Chrome, maybe even like her. Because they fought with the same goal in mind: to protect Tsuna. But that wasn't to say that he'd accepted Chrome's other half, the man responsible for keeping her alive.

Already, he could see the look on Mukuro's face; he'd memorized it that first day, lips pulling to a smirk, eyes sharp and locked on their prey, hands fast, legs strong. There was never a misstep, everything done purposefully. It was a dance meant to seduce. And the illusionist had chosen Tsuna to test it on.

Almost as if to prove his point, Gokudera finds himself gazing at his Boss's profile; determined, hunched forward, sleeve ripped. It's an aphrodisiac unlike any other. The Storm Guardian can imagine tracing the path from Tsuna's cheek to his lips, can imagine pressing against that terribly inviting mouth, opening to places unknown. At the same time, he can see Mukuro drawing on the same picture, feasting on Tsuna with his eyes and it only results in frustrating him more,shoving him on edge.

Tsuna dives forward, landing on his knees, back arched, grunting in pain. Mukuro can point his weapon at him, end it. But he doesn't - he's not in this fight to kill, merely to teach. And Gokudera knows this, knows that Mukuro simply wants to play with him, bait him. Until finally, he can eat the boy up. Gokudera will not allow it.

He imagines Tsuna screaming in pain, arms flailing, calling for him. He imagines Mukuro laughing like the lunatic he is, pushing into his Boss, relishing the moment - because he's the first and he knows it. Gokudera imagines all this and curses because he cannot - will not allow it. And because he desires so much more from painting the images in his mind.

He wants to wrap his arms around Tsuna, the way Mukuro does when the fight ends. He wants to whisper words only the most intimate of lovers can whisper, not the taunts Mukuro seems to sing against the shell of Tsuna's ear. (Gokudera doesn't hear them, but he knows. He can tell from the look on Tsuna's face; flushed, out of breath, panting.)

Hair flitting in the breeze, Mukuro eggs them both on, drawing out on Gokudera's hate and pushing against Tsuna's resolve. And he knows whatever he wants, he can get. Because Tsuna will allow it, because on a plane Tsuna has yet to understand, he cannot deny Mukuro anything.

Gokudera finally leaves, defeated, Mukuro thinks. And he smirks, sliding fingers through Tsuna's hair. The young Boss doesn't realize his Storm Guardian is always watching over him, always. But he isn't stupid; he knows. Which is why he continues to play with them, making one run around in circles, and making the other try to catch him.

And not once does he regret it. He takes pride in Tsuna's scream as he thinks so.

Tags: challenge - khr_drabble, fandom - khreborn, fanfiction - challenge, fanfiction - ficlet, otp - gokudera/tsuna, ship - mukuro/tsuna

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