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[Ouran Host Club] gen, Kyouya/Haruhi/Tamaki: Saving Grace

TITLE: Saving Grace
FANDOM: Ouran High School Host Club
CHARACTERS: Kyouya, Haruhi, Tamaki, and one special guest
GENRE: general/drama
SUMMARY: In which Tamaki finds the silver lining in an unrequited love. (200+ words)
NOTES: Inspired by ouran_contest's theme, "try". ETA: Thank you so much for this.
{ Try = to make an effort; to put to the test. }

“Come on, darling, don't be frightened.” Despite the urging, her small hands are still clutched on to Haruhi's skirt. He smiles invitingly, stretching out his own arm.

Her hair is a glossy sheen of auburn with darker strands tucked in between, he's almost certain this is what her grandmother must have looked like. A no-nonsense quirk to her lips with eyes that spoke of a wisdom far beyond her years, she is a mirror of her parents. Cautious, perhaps not so quick to trust, yet with an innocence to see the good in everything and in everyone. It all makes it so much harder for him to disregard, to be the indifferent one.

“Mama,” she hides behind the skirt's folds. This time, Kyouya crouches down to cradle her cheeks; the Shadow King nods, directs her forward, and suddenly, the shadows are gone. What's left is but a man – a completely different one, a man who has everything. And it's a losing battle, he knows, but he is, without a doubt, just as happy to see his friend so.

As if knowing that that isn't enough to shatter his resolve, however, she finally turns to him, studies him quietly, cherubic face taking in everything he has to give, breaking apart the pieces of his hardened soul. And then she smiles, one matching his own minus the pain beneath it, calls out to him.

“Uncle Tamaki!”

He knows right then and there that he will love her. Always, forever. And such a triviality as a love once lost cannot ever change that.

Tags: challenge - ouran_contest, fandom - ouran host club, fanfiction - challenge, fanfiction - drabble, fanfiction - gen
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