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Don't Dream It's Over

I stayed up till a certain hour last night (after studying and reading quite a bit), and finally came out with something I've been dying to work on. Now although, it is a oneshot I am still so very (extremely) proud. rawr!

Come Undone
anime/manga: Honey and Clover
genre: romance/drama
pairing: Shinobu Morita/Hagumi Hanamoto
rating: T (PG-15)
summary: She had promised to watch him, always and forever. And he, in turn, would do his very best. But after years of trying, he realized the truth. He realized that life was still just as empty, without her by his side. 

Oookay, so now I must go bathe and finish studying.
Four quizzes, batch mass, Bookkeeping assignment, make-up for lab, CAT.
Must not swoon. Must not swoon.

Line of the day: "We know a little about a lot of things; just enough to make us dangerous." --Dean Winchester [Supernatural] 

Starian Princess

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