Kat Sua ★ (starianprincess) wrote,
Kat Sua ★

[Ouran Host Club] Kyouya/Haruhi: Cheers

TITLE: Cheers
FANDOM: Ouran High School Host Club
CHARACTERS: Haruhi and Kyouya
SUMMARY: AU. Haruhi isn’t about to go down without a fight. (300+ words)
WARNING/S: Slight OOC-ness.
NOTES: Inspired by ouran_contest's theme, "complaint". I totally forgot that this was a oneshot challenge. ;A;

On her third try, Haruhi nearly hurls a vase at him.

"This is ridiculous," she says, "I just need it for a few days, no longer than a week."

Kyouya studies her from across the table, files laid out in front of him. She hates the way he begins to straighten them as if they’re that important – when she knows for a fact that they’re basically suggestions for a new fantasy catalog. She’s done her own research; they’re planning to present Greek gods next month. Of course, it isn’t Kyouya’s decision to make either. The final say always falls on their ever clueless, yet fairly creative leader.

Idly, she turns to the blonde hiding behind the sofa. He has a redheaded twin on each side – she knows them from class – and they’re glaring daggers at her. She arches a brow. They look like three little boys waiting to get a scolding, there’s nothing quite as intimidating as that.

"And it isn’t just for my benefit," she sighs, eyes trailing back to Kyouya, catching the look he gives her (though she can’t quite read it), "We’re having a study group. There will be ten of us, maybe twenty. And," she adds sharply, easing a document forward, "I’ve already secured a permission form from the student council."

She watches Kyouya reach for it. He's all dignified grace, not a movement unplanned, nothing out of place. She knows enough about him. After all, she’s been meeting with him since Monday, and by now figures he must be playing with her. Because the truth is she doesn’t need a permission form, and they both know it. She does, however, also know this:

"They’ve given you permission to request the use of the music room. You still require our approval," he smirks, folding the piece of paper and inserting it into a folder for safekeeping. The smug bastard.

"Well," she replies without missing a beat, "we can’t do anything about the technicalities. This music room is a school facility though, which means that it should be used to suit the needs of the students."

She throws the smirk right back at him, "And we, senpai, are the majority."

Tags: challenge - ouran_contest, fandom - ouran host club, fanfiction - challenge, fanfiction - ficlet, otp - kyouya/haruhi

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