Kat Sua ★ (starianprincess) wrote,
Kat Sua ★

[Cardcaptor Sakura] gen: to me, everything

TITLE: to me, everything
FANDOM: Cardcaptor Sakura
CHARACTERS: Touya and Sakura
SUMMARY: In which Touya tells a little white lie. (200+ words)
NOTE/S: Submitted for a challenge over at writerverse.

Touya's always been an honest person. For his dad, for his mom who watches over them, for himself, for the good of it all and because it felt right. But sometimes it's just easier to lie. Especially with Sakura huddled so close, he can smell the strawberry in her hair.

He figures there probably is no better time to lie. Seeing as the old lady in the green yukata is advancing towards them, fading softly against the light, and there just isn't enough space in their dad's closet to hide. There is no better time to lie, he adds, if not for the person you love most in the world.

And so he whispers against her ear, "She's gone now," rubbing her arms, holding his sister closer if it were possible, pausing before, "It's alright, I promise."

Even if she doesn't completely believe him, Sakura nods, the brave little soldier with tears running down her cheeks. Her grip on his shirt tightens and he feels his heart constrict.

Still, Touya shakes it off. Places his hand on the door, and is surprised when he finds her tiny one following. Slowly, until it finds its place above his, even if her fingers are trembling.

They push it open together, his one arm clutching her to his side. And maybe, it really is all right. Maybe he's just lucky. Because then the old lady disappears and his lie becomes the truth.

And the moment Sakura realizes this, she turns to him, breaks free of his hold only to come back with one of her own. Reaching up to his neck and burying her face in his shoulder. And with every fiber of her being, Touya smiles as she says, "Thank you, onii-chan."

Tags: challenge - writerverse, fandom - cardcaptor sakura, fanfiction - challenge, fanfiction - drabble, fanfiction - gen

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