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The Best of 2013

Inspired by a challenge over at universe_the, I created a picspam featuring my favorite TV shows and anime of 2013. Arranged alphabetically, all shows mentioned either premiered or had an ongoing season in 2013. So if you haven't caught up yet, beware of spoilers! I also included a list of all the shows I had to choose from and short explanations as to why I chose them.

My Top 5 TV Shows of 2013


Being a Sherlock fan, I was a bit skeptical when Elementary premiered but quickly found that I loved it all the same. (Having said that, if you know any Sherlock/Elementary crossover stories, link away!) This one's my go-to title for whenever I want to lounge around in my pajamas and relax beneath the covers. I've lost count of exactly how many times I've marathoned this series before it returned from winter hiatus; I blame the amazing ensemble.

Once Upon A Time

This one definitely has its ups and downs, but I was convinced this needed to be on my list after I watched the last episode before its epic hiatus. (I can't believe we have to wait till March!) If you know how much I love Prince of Tennis, then how I feel for Once's ensemble is quite similar - I ship everyone/everyone but have a particular fondness for odd pairings like The Huntsman/Red and Hook/Belle.

The Originals

I would have liked to include the parent series, but between the two I definitely prefer The Originals right now. Darker, sexier, and full of twists and turns, I am on Team Mikaelson all the way! I only wish the writers could've found a way to bring Kol back. And to have Caroline and Stefan come over to play as well. This is my go-to brother-bonding show since Pao loves it as much as I do. We usually take about ten minutes after we finish an episode to run lines and pretend we're Klaus and Rebekah.


The songs, the gowns, the possibilities, and the headbands! Reign is my 2013 guilty pleasure. Historical inaccuracies aside, I will never get tired of stressing how much I love that this show doesn't take itself too seriously.

Sleepy Hollow

I'd like to point out the beyond-gorgeous Tom Mison. And if you aren't convinced yet, then try looking up the cast shenanigans; I love watching their interviews!

Agents of SHIELD
The Big Bang Theory
Covert Affairs
The Crazy Ones
Downton Abbey
Dracula (2013)
Elementary *
Game of Thrones
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
New Girl
Once Upon A Time *
Once Upon A Time in Wonderland
The Originals *
Reign *
Sleepy Hollow *
The Vampire Diaries

My Top 5 Anime Shows of 2013


Chihayafuru does not get enough love and I'm pretty sure the fandom's next to non-existent. But if anyone asks, I will happily recommend it! This title revolves around friendship, teamwork, a touch of destiny, and karuta. It's got matches like your favorite sports anime and some moe moments for all the shoujo fans. The artwork is superb and this is another show which hits my epic-ensemble kink.


I don't how else to explain my love for Free! other than directing you to my favorite ships: Rei/Nagisa and Haruka/water.

Kuroko no Basket

Currently on its second season, this title's sort of a cross between Slam Dunk and Prince of Tennis. Tons of characters with their own fanbases, I imagine, and a bit of slashy innuendo. Or maybe that's just me.

Shingeki no Kyojin

Most people will tell you this was the best anime of 2013 and they're probably right. I'm not normally into this genre with all the blood and gore (and Game of Thrones-y plot twists), but after I watched the first episode I just couldn't stop. Then I got Mom and Pao involved in my obsession, and now I've seen the series at least three times already. I also highly recommend the manga!

Yowamushi Pedal

Like Chihayafuru, this show needs a bigger fandom. Maybe we can grab all the Prince of Tennis, Oofuri, Free!, Hitman Reborn, Slam Dunk, Eyeshield 21, Durarara!!, and Kuroko no Basket fans together and start a cycling revolution? I haven't gotten to the manga yet, but I hear it's even better than the show.

Blood Lad
Brothers Conflict
Chihayafuru *
Cuticle Detective Inaba
Daiya no Ace
Diabolik Lovers
Free! *
Galilei Donna
Gatchaman Crowds
Gin no Saji
Golden Time
Hataraku Maou-sama!
Kill la Kill
Kuroko no Basket *
Kyoukai no Kanata
Makai Ouji
Servant x Service
Shingeki no Kyojin *
Uta no Prince-sama
The World God Only Knows
Yowamushi Pedal *

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