Kat Sua ★ (starianprincess) wrote,
Kat Sua ★

[The Avengers / Frozen] Loki/Elsa: we could live that fantasy

TITLE: we could live that fantasy
FANDOMS: The Avengers (MCU) / Frozen
PAIRING: Loki/Elsa
SUMMARY: This could be the beginning of something dangerous. (200+ words)
NOTES: Previously submitted to a challenge over at womenverse.

Elsa sees him dropping from the heavens, freefalling like a shooting star.

She'd been about to make a wish, the same wish she's been making since she was a child. Or at least a variation of it. That her powers will start to fade, that she might see her parents again, that her sister will come to understand her and why she must stay away. And, if not any of those things, that she might someday be free.

She gasps, watching him glide through the night. Marvels at his power, at his ability to control it. And then retreats as he spots her, approaches her. Raises her hands in defense as he steps through her window, drawing her curtains wide open.

He grins down at her in his dignified cape and imposing horned helmet, watches the way she watches him. Tells her, in a voice so deep yet soft, so tempting, that she shouldn't be afraid. That he's actually come to save her, to show her that she can be so much more.

"And together we will reign," he finishes, gesturing to the horizon, offering her his arm.

Elsa takes a second to look back before stepping forward, replying that she's allowing him to convince her, that she has nothing left to lose.
Tags: challenge - womenverse, fandom - frozen, fandom - the avengers (mcu), fanfiction - challenge, fanfiction - crossover, fanfiction - drabble, ship - loki/elsa

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