Kat Sua ★ (starianprincess) wrote,
Kat Sua ★

Playlist of the Moment + Land Comm Pimping

MEME | 31 Days Blog Challenge
→ 5. Ten Songs You Love Right Now

30 Seconds to Mars - Conquistador [AUDIO] [LYRICS]
Alex Clare - Caroline [AUDIO] [LYRICS]
Ariana Grande - Daydreamin' [AUDIO] [LYRICS]
fun. - Carry On [VIDEO] [LYRICS]
The Heavy - Big Bad Wolf [AUDIO] [LYRICS]
Katy Perry - Love Me [AUDIO] [LYRICS]
Lorde - Team [VIDEO] [LYRICS]
The Lumineers - Stubborn Love [VIDEO] [LYRICS]
Pink - The Great Escape [AUDIO] [LYRICS]
Twin Forks - Back To You [AUDIO] [LYRICS]

For those who enjoy or might be interested in playing at some of my current land communities:

avland avland avland

land_deduction land_deduction land_deduction

tv_universe tv_universe tv_universe

womenverse womenverse womenverse
Tags: challenge - nablopomo, topic - fandom, topic - meme, topic - music

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